Aria Targett

Pleasure Garden

Artist Statement

My work is based on a song my parents wrote. I found it on a cassette tape in the garage, along with a bunch of old band memorabilia. One of the songs, ‘Pleasure Garden’, sparked my imagination, and this work is a visual representation of that song. People say that music makes plants grow, and I can confirm that is true.

About the Artist

  • Name: Aria Targett
  • School: Tropical North Learning Academy – Smithfield State High School
  • Artwork: Pleasure Garden
  • Media: Digital print on light box

Once I complete high school, I plan to move out to a bigger city like Perth or Brisbane to further my studies in visual art and filmmaking. As an artist, I am inspired to create using pre-loved objects that are not traditional, as well as by painting and drawing. Anything I can get my hands on to reuse and recycle is what motivates me to make my art. My aim is to show audiences the beauty within the ‘junk’ so they can be appreciated and have another life.