Ashley Dunigan


Artist Statement

The focus of this artwork was to document and record the subterranean environment of the landscape. After experiencing caving and viewing the way the cave walls recorded in exquisite detail the story of what had occurred in the landscape above ground, I experimented with clay and plaster-casting to capture my own recordings. I emphasised the recesses and details of each cast form through the use of liquid graphite. I wanted these faux-fossilised forms to reflect the fragility and intricacies of nature.

Artwork Process

A variety of clay disks were cut and arranged to form a composition. These disks were then built up and also impressed into clay to create detailed micro landscapes. Vines and natural materials traverse between some of the disks. Walls were built up around the clay disks and then plaster transferred into a mould. To enhance the delicate records imprinted into the plaster and to enhance the texture, graphite was burnished over the surfaces.

About the Artist

  • Name: Ashley Dunigan
  • School: Trinity Bay State High School
  • Artwork: Fossilisation
  • Media: Clay, plaster and graphite on board

I am proud as a Far North Queensland student to be a part of this exhibition. My work comes from observations and thoughts that started when I visited a remote landscape in Far North Queensland. When I finish school, I hope to continue to explore the world through my art by taking part in local exhibitions.