Aurora Roberts

Lots of love, always

Artist Statement

This artwork was inspired by Joachim Froese's Tell him it is all a transition. The context of Froese's works drew my attention, namely how war affected his family, something he communicated extremely well. I wanted to illustrate how my father’s own military deployment has affected me, reflecting on Froese's theme of transition. The real flowers my dad sent represent love, but can also be read as an apology for not being there. An origami flower made with one of his letters reflects my personal growth in his absence.

Artwork Process

Drawing inspiration from Froese, I used photography and took the same approach of transition. Materials used included a letter that my dad sent from where he was deployed, black cardboard for the background, and real flowers that he'd sent as a gift. I photocopied the original letter for the last three stages of origami, taking photos throughout the process. The actual letter he sent was used in the first stage. I intended to use flowers in the work, and my dad sent me flowers during the week I was developing my idea, so I used those in the final product.

About the Artist

  • Name: Aurora Roberts
  • School: Pimlico State High School
  • Artwork: Lots of love, always
  • Media: Digital photographs on 160gsm coated paper

As an artist, what inspires and motivates me to create art is the feelings and personal experiences I have reflected on in the world around me. In viewing art, we have connections to paintings or drawings we see, and the more connected I am to something I make, the more accomplished I feel as an artist and viewer of art. In making something based on my feelings and perspectives, others will have their own feelings and perspectives, and that to me is a nice thought. As Oscar Wilde said, ‘It is the spectator, and not life, that art really imitates’.