Freya Erlandsson

Conservation of Country

Artist Statement

Conservation of Country displays my connection with the mangroves at Russell Island. This work was produced to inform viewers about the importance of conservation of our country. The repeated photographs are stitched together to symbolise the environment artificially rejuvenating. The repetition also represents the connection of putting country back together in order to conserve our environment. The new landscapes that are formed in the repeated images almost look alien-like. If we continue to degrade our environment, this is how our new landscape will appear.

Artwork Process

I took photographs of mangroves at Russell Island as part of an environmental investigation in a conservation program. I used Photoshop to enhance the images and the repeated and mirrored them together. The images were joined together using stitching on a sewing machine. The images were framed in Perspex and hung together.

About the Artist

  • Name: Freya Erlandsson
  • School: Nambour State College
  • Artwork: Conservation of Country
  • Media: Digital photographs, thread

As an artist, I am inspired by the environment and animals. My artworks are created from photos I take when I am in nature. My passion is conserving wildlife and caring for animals and insects of all sorts. I care for many animals such as snakes, lizards, frogs, stick insects and scorpions to name a few. After school I want to study to become a zoo keeper and help care for animals in need. Through my art I want to express my love for animals and the beautiful works of the environment.