Jemima Patch-Taylor

The Lucid Self

Artist Statement

The Lucid Self is an exploration of the metaphysical universe, and the acknowledgment of an otherworldly muse. It begins at a table with the 'self' staring at an empty page and gradually transcending reality. Looping back on itself, the video finishes in reality, creating a cycle of the real and unreal. The work recognises the creative struggle and attempts to perceive the self from an alternate perspective.

Artwork Process

Frames were selected from the original video, then overpainted with oil. The paintings were scanned and edited in order to create an animation, in which a total of 180 paintings and drawings were used. Appropriate videos were selected to add to the theme and edited to get to an end product. The soundtrack was created by Declan Delaney.

About the Artist

  • Name: Jemima Patch-Taylor
  • School: St Rita’s College (Clayfield)
  • Artwork: The Lucid Self
  • Media: Single-channel video, 16:9, colour, sound, 1:39 minutes

I find motivation entirely within myself. I often find through deep self-discovery that there is a lot more to us than what is physically present in our lives. We are all harbours of great knowledge through self-awareness. I believe introspection is an essential part of being human and is what can rid us of insecurity and lead us to a more empathetic future.