Kelly Seeto

The Kingdom of Life

Artist Statement

Hidden from sight is a kingdom that rules life on land. It is an alien world that includes the largest and oldest organisms alive today. It is the kingdom of fungi. Unlike plants, fungi don’t live on sunshine and air; they devour tissues, alive or dead. Their untapped powers could help our species to survive in our increasingly poisoned, depleted and warming planet. The layered, pleated and stitched silk membranes of this work, together with the minute knotted threads and coarse ceramic remnants, present the little-known world of one of nature’s grand survivors and the most resourceful and successful of all life forms.

Artwork Process

I employed techniques such as fabric manipulation, needle-punching, clay-sculpting and acrylic paint-pouring. First, the stuffed fabric of varying materials (polyester, silk) that have been looped with dark-coloured thread were compressed to create an uneven texture. Then the ‘fungus’ clay sculptures, which have been poured with acrylic, were glued to the stuffed cloth. Multiple pieces of stuffed fabric were then glued together and formed in a roughly spherical shape. To embrace both the structured and unstructured aspect of the suspended sculpture, multiple wires were attached in the interior and covered with fabric and clay sculptures.

About the Artist

  • Name: Kelly Seeto
  • School: Mansfield State High School
  • Artwork: The Kingdom of Life
  • Media: Polyester, silk, thread, wire, clay

I believe that art is everywhere and inspiration can be conjured from the simplest of things in our daily lives. Usually, these daily items are the beginning of a spark. By looking at everyday items at a different angle or perception, they can be translated into abstract thoughts.