Kirsten Ingleby

Pinhole Worlds

Artist Statement

These works are small distorted glimpses of nature. They were taken with a pinhole camera made from a drink can. The images were recorded as negatives on photographic paper loaded into the drink can. After processing these negatives, I manipulated their fragile recordings to emphasise the vignette effect around the images which was a common feature of this early form of photography. Although the works can be appreciated as shapes and tones alone, the mysterious glimpses of the landscape add another layer of meaning and appreciation to the works.

Artwork Process

Makeshift pinhole cameras were made out of energy drink cans and then an area of remnant landscape was explored. Images were printed on to photographic paper and then scanned and manipulated to present fleeting images of the landscape.

About the Artist

  • Name: Kirsten Ingleby
  • School: Trinity Bay State High School
  • Artwork: Pinhole Worlds
  • Media: Digital photographs on acrylic

I am interested in photography and was motivated to explore using analogue black-and-white pinhole camera technique after completing a unit in Year 11 on 35mm traditional black-and-white photography. I was surprised by how accurate the image recorded on the photographic paper was using fairly primitive technology. I enjoyed taking this image into Photoshop and refining it more and then seeing what the images became when I got them printed onto glossy acrylic panels. Playing with old and new technologies continues to be an interest for me.