Lahni Thorogood

Bridget’s Mark

Artist Statement

It is human nature to want to be remembered after death, hence historical monuments, elaborate tombs and literary texts. The viewer shares the ambition that the main character has. Bridget is a 14-year-old girl with a fear of being forgotten. The film follows her attempts to make a mark in her world, whether it be through breaking the world record for ‘most jumps on a trampoline’ or becoming a Picasso-famous artist.

Artwork Process

I created this film using a DSLR camera and the program Premiere Pro. I took stylistic inspiration from filmmaker Wes Anderson. I used mise-en-scene, camera movement, costuming and pacing similar to those in Anderson’s films, as well as using colourful, storybook-like backgrounds. I have also been influenced by the notion of becoming a famous artist, such as Picasso. I first formulated the film idea then created a film treatment and storyboard. I used my siblings as actors and filmed on my family’s property. The soundtrack is Bella Bartok’s ‘Romanian Polka’, and is in the public domain.

About the Artist

  • Name: Lahni Thorogood
  • School: Nambour State College
  • Artwork: Bridget’s Mark
  • Media: Single channel video, 16:9, colour, sound, 2:31 minutes

As a filmmaker and a visual artist, my aim is to capture a feeling or concept and express it. I strive to create substance and meaning in everything that I produce. When making art, I believe the artist’s goal is to create something authentic. Something that excites its audience because of its individuality.

My inspiration comes from many places but I would have to say that it comes mainly from the people I know. I am drawn to character and I endeavour to convey human desires, thoughts, habits and identity visually. I plan to continue working with film, as I will always have a genuine devotion to creation.