Latasha Nankivell

A Starved Desire for Emotion

Artist Statement

A Starved Desire for Emotion explores the possibility of geography from a transcendent, existential and metaphysical point of view and how my mind’s eye perceives place beyond human interaction. I wanted to create a literal image of the theme ‘emotional geography’ that portrayed maximum human emotion, particularly frustration and anguish, in both the body and facial expressions. The girl represents me trying to understand a connection to a concept that does not resonate. It touches on how humans can be driven to do unnatural and sickening things to suit mainstream values, no matter how extreme.

Artwork Process

This piece is drawn from my own personal interpretation of the concept ‘Emotional Geography’. From here, I pencilled my ideas and re-sketched the most provocative image onto a Toshiba touchscreen tablet using Clip Studio Paint Pro. I created separate layers for each section of colour, which included the body, clothes, dirt and background, beneath the initial sketch layer. I utilised bright, vivid colours and bold, thick and fine lines for the mezzanine objects, limiting my use of the air brush and blend tool for the forefront and background of the piece.

About the Artist

  • Name: Latasha Nankivell
  • School: The Cathedral College
  • Artwork: A Starved Desire for Emotion
  • Media: Digital drawing

After school I plan to continue working on my digital art, further developing my skills in this medium, but also experimenting in other media. As a Bundjalung and Gumbaynggir woman, I would like my artwork to reflect more of my heritage by delving deeper into my culture. I am inspired by looking at what other artists have created, by critically reflecting on what appeals to me, and by attempting to represent my own version of the emotions, themes or mediums that they have used. Regardless of my future pathway, art will always be a part of my life.