Lily Jansz

Destructive Nature

Artist Statement

Destructive Nature is my depiction of how the expansion of industrialisation and urbanisation has negatively impacted the most important aspect of my world today. My use of leaves and the cutting of the industrial landscape gives a subtle connection between the raw beauty of my environment and how it is being destroyed and replaced by industrialisation and urbanisation. I live in a semi-urban environment, and believe that my strong connection to my environment gives my cut-out landscapes an even deeper and profound relevance to the destruction I see happening daily to my natural environment.

Artwork Process

I photographed an industrial landscape within the Redlands where I live to show the factories and the pollution of our environment. I collected leaves from a tree in my back yard, which has since been demolished; I was confronted by the gradual decrease of trees daily. I then dried the leaves and pressed them. I used a scalpel to cut industrial landscapes from my photos onto my leaves. The leaves were then placed onto a canvas.

About the Artist

  • Name: Lily Jansz
  • School: Carmel College
  • Artwork: Destructive Nature
  • Media: Cut out leaves on canvas

The experience of being selected as a recipient of a Creative Generation Excellence Award has shown me the potential that I possess in both art and further study. It has taught me that through hard work and resilience, any goal or dream can be achieved. After graduating from school, I hope to pursue a career in forensic science, and one day become a medical examiner. My goals for the future, the way in which I grow as person and the way I live now, are all major influences and inspirations in the art that I create.