Lucia Rentoule Gallagher

Light Perforations

Artist Statement

During Unit 2: Art as Code, I experimented with photography and looked at colour as a visual device. The work of Bill Henson, and his ability to set a scene and make us question the story, inspired me. I selected a friend to model, so that through the photographs, we might question why she is here and what she is doing. The light suggests a sense of hope, but also the risk she is taking, as it perforates the darkness.

Artwork Process

I posed my model on the beach and experimented with lights, shutter speed and varying the aperture. I then edited my photos in Photoshop, making some minor adjustments to create contrast and emphasise the figure. The time of day was important; I explored with different natural light and dark scenes on the beach in order to capture the mood I was seeking.

About the Artist

  • Name: Lucia Rentoule Gallagher
  • School: St Patrick‚Äôs College (Townsville)
  • Artwork: Light Perforations
  • Media: Digital photographs

My main motivation and inspiration as an artist comes from my dad. He was an artist and photographer and always pushed me out of my comfort zone. He instilled in me a sense that anything is possible and to really strive for your goals. My dad had a really vivid imagination too. I always try and adopt his sense of adventure in what I do.