Madison Farrell-Thomas

Global Warming

Artist Statement

This work is about global warming and its impact on ocean acidification. In particular, I chose to use ocean snails as they, like other shelled creatures, are hugely affected due to their shells breaking down in corrosive ocean water. The shoe brushes represent the men (mostly) of the big corporations and governments who are allowing pollution to occur and preventing emission standards from being met.

About the Artist

  • Name: Madison Farrell-Thomas
  • School: St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School (Corinda)
  • Artwork: Global Warming
  • Media: Found objects, slate, snail shells, modelling material

I find my main inspiration comes from issues I am passionate about. In particular, environmental issues and the way the world is being impacted by climate change. I also find it exciting to look at the work of artists who are explicit about similar issues.