Maxwell Williams


Artist Statement

In #filtered, I explored the modern phenomenon of identity construction and the sharing of a fantasised self. Social media presents a carefully considered snapshot of people’s lives, as choices are made about what is shared and what is withheld. These social platforms provide a template that is easy to edit and through which we can construct and alter fake selves. Through this work, I question the truth of the social profiles people create, and comment on how easily we buy into the limited stories presented to us, and which we present, in this ‘all about me’ era.

Artwork Process

I created an Instagram account for a window shop dummy I named Chloe. I dressed Chloe in different outfits appropriate for various outings. I then helped Chloe take ‘selfies’ at these venues and shared them on her Instagram page, constructing a perceived identity for her. This image is one of the photos I helped Chloe take at the beach.

About the Artist

  • Name: Maxwell Williams
  • School: Trinity Lutheran College (Ashmore Road Campus)
  • Artwork: #filtered
  • Media: Digital photograph

As an artist, it is often difficult to find inspiration or even the motivation to find inspiration, but the best way for me is to not look for it at all. As a photographer, going out and shooting with no expectations and often no plan leads to my best ideas, being creative on the spot, and trying things out even if they fail. I always find inspiration by 'doing', and then the rest follows.