Rubi Cheesman

The Invasion

Artist Statement

The Invasion depicts what might happen if humans continue to act carelessly in respect to the environment. A blood-red river runs through the lush cloud forest, symbolising what is left behind of fauna that have been poached from the landscape. Areas of less detail demonstrate what will be lost next and serve as a realisation that part of this landscape is already gone due to deforestation. The Invasion magnifies and reveals the issues occurring now to spread awareness of the impact of thoughtless human actions, and to alert communities to the need for preservation and protection of our precious environment.

Artwork Process

The artwork was inspired by a school excursion to Eungella National Park, where a drone was able record video footage of the forest from a bird’s eye view. From this, I captured a still image that I then enlarged and scratched into a large sheet of etching plastic. Next, the sheet was inked in black and printed onto white Fabriano Rosapina paper. Once dry, a section of the artwork was painted in tones of red ink to represent the river.

About the Artist

  • Name: Rubi Cheesman
  • School: Whitsunday Anglican School (Mackay)
  • Artwork: The Invasion
  • Media: Etching and ink on Fabriano Rosapina paper

I find artworks extremely powerful. When artists research and construct a piece of work that they truly believe in, that comes from the heart, the audience will feel something. Often when looking at pieces of art I find myself absorbed in the artworks and truly blown away at the depth, talent and perspectives artists communicate through different media. Before receiving this award, I always pictured myself working in a science lab studying the human body; I have never quite seen my future career being based around the arts. This award has opened many opportunities for me in the arts.