Sofie Cripps


Artist Statement

Exploring loss of innocence and vulnerability, I unmask my fears of the foreboding world of adulthood. Gone is the naive, carefree girl, replaced with an unfamiliar and anxious victim. My artwork’s dark themes and tones, in corroboration with its staggered composition, exemplify the disorder I, and many others, feel as an adolescent. Circumventing typical teenage stereotypes, I reflect on body image, stress and societal expectations. With this suffering, I am envious and nostalgic of my past. Alas, dwelling on my childhood and its many mementos offers only momentary relief; I must embark on a journey to overcome my plights.

Artwork Process

After discovering my 2012 travel blog, I was overwhelmed by a sense of envy of my younger self. In the present, I find myself drowning in anxiety. Inspired by Henrik Au’s works, I painted parts of my body to portray this vulnerability, while a monochromatic palette employed a mood of melancholy. Arranged within a frame via the five stages of grief, these paintings show a journey of enlightenment to embrace my maturation. The staggered composition of paintings synthesises a sense of unease by rejecting the typical grid-formation. Sparse, grey boards suggest that this journey remains unfinished.

About the Artist

  • Name: Sofie Cripps
  • School: A.B. Paterson College
  • Artwork: Nostalgia
  • Media: Oil on board