Sophie Baird

The Tool Forest

Artist Statement

Inspired by the collage techniques of Midori Harima, my work explores the deforestation resulting from our insatiable consumerism. The four tools traditionally employed in the destruction of natural environments, and the hard hat and earmuffs of the worker who operates the tools, are juxtaposed with their wrapping, made from photographs of the very things they destroy: trees. The soundtrack that accompanies the physical elements of this work is a compilation of the four tools operating in a tree-lopping environment, reminding the viewer what these tools were used for.

Artwork Process

Photographs taken of different tree trunks were printed onto fabric. Real tools (chainsaw, saw, axe, hard hat, earmuffs) and a cardboard two-man saw were then covered in fabric using a hot-glue gun. Audio created by individually recording the sounds of each tool operating was then compiled using Premiere Pro.

About the Artist

  • Name: Sophie Baird
  • School: Cannon Hill Anglican College
  • Artwork: The Tool Forest
  • Media: Found objects, photographic printed fabric, sound

I feel very passionate about climate and environmental problems, and this has been my motivation in all the artworks I have produced over the past couple of years. Art is a powerful way to communicate important issues to others and I am excited to be given the opportunity to make my statement to visitors of GOMA.