Tayla Muller

Smooth Criminal

Artist Statement

Crowned the ‘King of Pop’, Michael Jackson became a worldwide phenomenon, but countless accusations have positioned him in a different light with many people. Years before his death, Jackson allegedly abused his powers, taking advantage of children that loved, cherished and idolised him. Evidence seemed to be ignored, witnesses were dismissed, and Jackson continued his multi-million-dollar music career. Jackson allegedly employed people to conceal information from the public. So with this alleged ‘hush money’, the question could be raised: who is the real monster?

About the Artist

  • Name: Tayla Muller
  • School: Helensvale State High School
  • Artwork: Smooth Criminal
  • Media: Oil on canvas

The purpose of an artwork is to evoke and create a conversation around an issue or topic. This motivates me as an artist to create an artwork around a controversial issue that everyone has their own opinion about. The news plays a significant role in the creation of my artworks, especially where the issue is recent and new information begins to unfold that moulds an individual’s idea about a topic.