Brody Beale


Artist Statement

This series of sculptures are based on the automatic drawings I completed when exploring my inquiry into the psychological manipulation (conscious or sub-conscious) of reality. Automatic drawings were a practice of the Surrealist artists as a way to abandon conscious thought and access the unconscious mind. The challenge of the sculptures was to retain the lack of structure in the drawings within a three-dimensional space. The process and stylistic decisions of artists Ivan Seal and Carolyn V Watson helped to inform my aesthetic choices. These sculptures represent my exercise in relinquishing control and rational thought. I work in a contemporary context; my artwork challenges and manipulates established conventions by using new technology and mixed media.

Artwork Process

The design of the sculptures were direct three-dimensional interpretations from previous automatic drawings I had constructed. The sculptures were created with a lightweight armature and then sculpted using a combination of oil-based elastic clay, plaster bandage and cardboard. These were then finished in an acrylic top coat.

About the Artist

  • Name: Brody Beale
  • School: Iona College
  • Artwork: Automata
  • Media: Video and installation of clay sculptures (oil-based clay, wire, cardboard, plaster bandage, synthetic polymer)

Brody Beale is a senior art student at Iona College who has always been actively engaged with visual art. Brody practices art in and out of school and has worked on a number of independent design projects both personally and commercially. He hopes to pursue a career in illustration and concept design within the product and entertainment industries.