Daniel Hurst

City of Sky

Artist Statement

The purpose of this work is to present my personal expression of awe, wonder and freedom through the manipulation of oil paint. I was inspired by ancient Greek architecture and how artists such as Raphael (1483–1520) and Hubert Robert (1733–1808) were able to capture ideas of awe, wonder and freedom through vast structures, beautiful landscapes and social gatherings. The island represents my perfect home surrounded by beautiful open spaces. Scale has been emphasised to help communicate awe, wonder and freedom through the expanse of space, size and detail of the buildings and statues.

Artwork Process

I extensively researched and developed my art making style and technique in order to produce a large and detailed oil painting. I first drew the scene using 3D modelling software on the computer to ensure proportions and scale were correct, a unique skill that I developed. I then drew the outlines including details of tone and texture on the artwork surface using charcoal and graphite. Using my knowledge of traditional Renaissance oil painting techniques, I painted a raw umber oil paint layer first followed by the final colour layer. This helped bring more solidarity and depth to the details.

About the Artist

  • Name: Daniel Hurst
  • School: Toowoomba Christian College (Highfields)
  • Artwork: City of Sky
  • Media: Oil on board

I strive to communicate a sense of freedom and awe in my art through my own personal experiences. I live on a mountain range surrounded by bushland and pine forests. The nature surrounding my home influences the subject matter for my art, as I want to express the same sensations that I experience within this landscape. Gazing over a mountain range gives me a sense of awe, wonder, freedom and peace. I strive to express these themes in my artworks.