Ebony McAndrew


Artist Statement

This work examines jovial childhood emotionality. It is an ambient, abstract artwork that delves into the ethereal, cheerful yet elusive emotion of that which is immersed in contented childhood memories. Through a cacophony of vivacious colours — electric blues, scintillating yellows, unabashed pinks, reds and oranges, and soulful greens — a visceral sense of purity is implemented. Curiosity is copious and ubiquitous contributing to tangible shapes and distortions of the painting.

Artwork Process

The very nature of childhood cantankerously rejects the planned, instead living constantly and utterly in the present. Yet in order to capture a genuine physical manifestation of contented childhood consciousness I had to reflect on my artist process to a certain extent. Consequently, rather than envisioning the painting's end result, I encapsulated my childhood demeanours and let them consume me. I implemented this in subtle ways, predominately using my bare hands to apply paint, being drawn to colours utterly instinctively and thinking only of the painting at hand.

About the Artist

  • Name: Ebony McAndrew
  • School: Miami State High School
  • Artwork: Untitled
  • Media: Synthetic polymer paint, glitter, pen, graphite on canvas

I don’t have a plan for life other than to do and be whatever makes me joyous. I don’t search for motivation and inspiration as an artist, rather I feel as if the chaos derived from simply being conscious provides an inexorable amount of material. I want my art to invoke emotion in those who are subjected to it, positive or not. Simply being seen satisfies my artistry. My selection in Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Art feels as though I am being seen, perhaps understood; this is all I could ask for.