Elysse Kho

Consolacion Felipe

Artist Statement

Consolacion Felipe was my Great Grandmother who passed away in 2019 at 93 years old. Consolacion appears frail but was the strongest person I knew. She survived the Japanese invasion of the Philippines in World War Two. In poverty, she raised four abandoned children in addition to two of her own. Created only from Fragile tape, the work required precision to cut thin lines and diminutive shapes, producing complex tones when layered and textures when folded. The red and white palette created a graphic image of high contrast referencing the colour of the Philippine Revolution flag.

Artwork Process

The image is constructed entirely from Fragile tape that has been cut and manipulated to form the portrait, creating areas of pure white, pure red and at times maintaining the ‘FRAGILE’ text, which adds both interest and meaning. Voids and layers of tape allow light to pass through the clear support. The ‘shawl’ wrapped around the figure is a three-dimensional feature constructed from white sections of the fragile tape.

About the Artist

  • Name: Elysse Kho
  • School: Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology
  • Artwork: Consolacion Felipe
  • Media: ‘Fragile’ packing tape on acrylic

As a Filipino, filial piety is one of my values. Being able to honour my Great Grandmother shows my deep respect and pride for my family and culture. If she were to see my artwork at the GOMA, she would say that the effort that I put towards my art is worth it, because even if a person’s hard work is not recognised immediately, it can always be a source of inspiration in the future. To me art is a way of communication. I am able to express my feelings, which are better understood through my works than words.