Grace Eden

Crab Extinction

Artist Statement

Connection to land and sea inspires a personal relationship with Shorncliffe, my home. I patrol the beach for rubbish and beachcomb for treasures amongst the detritus washed up on the shoreline; all symbolic evidence of human interference a threat to native flora and fauna. I challenge the audience to reflect on the co-existence of humans and native fauna in a natural, fragile habitat. The multiple crab forms are assembled; safety and impact in numbers, battling against humans for their existence and territory. Courageous or cooked? Protected by ‘high vis’ orange ‘rubbish’, nature is on high alert.

Artwork Process

How do artists use the materiality of a physical landscape to create artworks that communicate personal meaning? I focused my interest specifically on the marine life at Shorncliffe Beach, where I live. I considered the implications of human interaction in natural environments with regard to preserving species. Experimenting with resin in the creation of multiple forms allowed me to explore embedding gathered materials from the landscape to reflect the materiality of the physical environment. Using crab shells to cast forms and embedding detritus from the shoreline led me to communicate the idea of danger and extinction.

About the Artist

  • Name: Grace Eden
  • School: Sandgate District State High School
  • Artwork: Crab Extinction
  • Media: Clay, resin, found objects

As an artist, I find my inspiration in the people and places that surround me; enjoying time with friends, family and locals from my region. I spend most of my time in the outdoors exploring and foraging. I find myself particularly inspired by the local beach where I have many childhood memories and personal connections.