Jayden Dowling


Artist Statement

The Wet Tropics World Heritage Area has remained pristine over thousands of years. Even though industry encroaches on its edges, we experienced the work of the James Cook University Daintree Rainforest Observatory protecting and preserving this unique area. Using industrial materials, resin and copper, I slowly grew different tree forms, representing just some of the immense diversity of this biotope. The trees are set in petri dishes with white stones and resin, suggesting bleached coral then enclosed in a protective glass dome. Manufactured materials juxtapose with natural form prompt the audience to consider the permanence of our actions on the environment.

Artwork Process

Reclaimed and new copper wire was twisted into tree forms and then set with stones in petri dishes. These tree forms were then covered in glass domes and installed in a collective grouping.

About the Artist

  • Name: Jayden Dowling
  • School: Trinity Bay State High School
  • Artwork: Permanent
  • Media: Copper wire, stone, rein, glass petri dishes and domes

Next year I am looking at extending on the knowledge I developed through our art excursion to the Daintree here in Far North Queensland by studying horticulture, conservation and land management through TAFE. I am looking forward to continuing my art making and drawing in my own time.