Lahni Thorogood

The Sign of Three

Artist Statement

“Who are you to be when ‘me’ is not ‘me’?”

This film explores the concept of identity and the search for ‘self’ that we all endure. Are we better off not obsessing over who we are? The concept of the mask intrigued me because, whether it be for tribal, celebratory or religious purposes, it connects the wearer to something greater than themselves.

Artwork Process

My process began with a workshop led by Archibald Prize-winning artist Juan Ford. Even though we worked with the simple medium of papier-mâché, complex concepts grew from the mask that I created. I then expanded on my concept, raising the inquiry question of ‘How does the security of a mask effect one’s inhibition?’. I crafted more masks and storyboarded my film. My sister Rose (the protagonist) and I travelled to different locations on our property filming the short film over the span of a few weeks. Finally, I edited the film using Premier Pro.

About the Artist

  • Name: Lahni Thorogood
  • School: Nambour State College
  • Artwork: The Sign of Three
  • Media: Single channel video, 16:9, 3:48 minutes, sound

I've always had an interest in filmmaking. I love making films because there are so many different mediums and techniques ― you always have the ability to create something new and original. To bring a vision to life is the best feeling you can experience. Cinema can be so beautiful and poetic and to waste a moment on screen is a devastating thing. Art isn't about technically correct anatomy; it's free and weird and ultimately true to yourself. My place in the film industry will serve the purpose of keeping originality, ingeniousness and detail in films.