Lara Madeline Rand

The Tide's Lament

Artist Statement

Tidal movement is a continuous process that we have learnt to interpret throughout history. The Tide's Lament explores tidal and aesthetic transformations in response to the ever-changing Nudgee Beach landscape, which I invite my audience to consider via the immersive nature of my work. The canvas, which references tidal movement over a day in April, is a metaphor for the repetitiveness of human resource consumption. This is portrayed through the abstracted overlay of collected visual records, reinforced through the manipulation of the canvas into an undulating three-dimensional form, which further evokes a sense of place through the installation within the landscape.

Artwork Process

An analysis of the Nudgee Beach was conducted; tidal landscapes were tracked over several days and lighting and tonal variations were noted. Three resulting images that portrayed the movement of the landscape were overlaid alongside several aerial maps of the area to create an abstracted composition. These images were pixelated to create a colour scheme that corresponded with the landscape, which was used as a stimulus to paint the large canvas. The canvas back was wired and the material was manipulated to create the final undulating three-dimensional form, which was then installed at Nudgee Beach and photographed at sunset.

About the Artist

  • Name: Lara Madeline Rand
  • School: Mansfield State High School
  • Artwork: The Tide's Lament
  • Media: Installation of canvas sculpture and digital photograph printed on metallic paper

As someone who has suffered from severe myopia throughout my life, I have never been able to take my limited eyesight for granted. This unique perspective has allowed me to be acutely aware of the colour, shape, and tone of my surroundings. Art has taught me to persevere through what at times seem like insurmountable obstacles and has provided an outlet for my perfectionist nature. Through my folio, I discovered methods of aesthetic documentation involving the ever-changing Australian landscape, which I would like to extend after my completion of high school via the Bachelor of Photography course at Griffith University.