Maxine Lourie

Surviving Time

Artist Statement

Surviving Time captures iconic architectural spaces that contribute to the built history of Cairns. The surfaces and shapes of these buildings become personifications that contribute to the rich character of the built environment around us. I am intrigued by the structural elements of each building; the patina of the walls and the stains upon the walls that act like a skin protecting the building across the years. I wanted to juxtapose these shapes and textures up close to one another to create a dense form with new volumes that combine to become a new unique form.

Artwork Process

I was inspired by the work of Gordon Matta-Clark (1943–78) and that of contemporary artist Seth Clark. In particular, the way they dissected and recombined architectural spaces to create volume, mass and explore spatial relationships within architectural forms. I did a photographic survey of some of the intriguing and iconic architectural landmarks in Cairns and then played with the way these decaying surfaces and their skins related, responded and interplayed with each other.

About the Artist

  • Name: Maxine Lourie
  • School: Trinity Bay State High School
  • Artwork: Surviving Time
  • Media: Collaged photographs and timber on board

My motivation comes from the moment I finish an artwork; it is the sense of completing a vision. This feeling carries on when people want to keep an artwork and hang it in their house, their happiness fuels my ambition to create conceptual pieces that make them see the world through a different lens. My intention after finishing school is to become a beauty therapist but also continue exploring my own art practice. The dream for my art journey would be exhibiting more artworks in galleries as well as selling pieces for people to enjoy. I am hopeful this dream will become reality and being part of the Creative Generation exhibition is an important step in this journey for me.