Mia Odyssea-Bell


Artist Statement

In the current climate, artists are choosing to open up and talk about deeply personal issues. These works are confronting yet beautiful, and have the ability to transcend time. Elder is a body of work centred around the personal and cultural contexts that communicates how the adaptation of surrounding environments shapes the development of culture. The story drives the culture but we have lost the narrative. This body of work is an attempt to share personal struggles with identity and connection to Indigenous culture. This photographic sequence is a way of allowing the audience to gain insight into the struggles that many displaced people endure.

Artwork Process

An extended excursion experience to an array of locations on the southern Gold Coast (Currumbin Valley, Schuster's Park and Tallebudgera Creek) started the artistic process for Elder. Exploring the cultural aspects of the experience, I reflected on the adaptation of environment and the influential impact this has on culture. The inquiry question ‘How does the adaptation of surrounding environments shape the development of culture?’ inspired black and white portraiture of my grandfather, combined with textural contrasts of found objects. The monochromatic colour scheme supported the communication of meaning further.

About the Artist

  • Name: Mia Odyssea-Bell
  • School: St Andrews Lutheran College (Tallebudgera)
  • Artwork: Elder
  • Media: Installation of digital photographs printed on canvas and textile (acrylic ink and embroidery on cotton cloth)

Art has the power to visualise an artist’s journey and experiences, and to showcase this to an audience. My motivations and inspirations as an artist are formulated from sensory experiences, allowing them to form the foundation of many creations. These creations express various ideas and emotions and have the power to provoke conversation.