Paloma Jacobsen


Artist Statement

Shelter explores the potential functionality of nature’s detritus. Shelter is a universal need and often acts to define people’s socio-economic status. I wanted to give detritus new significance and a ‘new life’ by shaping and manipulating it into a protective, cocoon-like shelter. The primary purpose of shelter is to create a safe and protective environment for life to flourish within. I became the person in the cocoon being sheltered, emerging with its completion. I wanted to integrate the idea of ‘new growth’ from waste material. This work was inspired by the structures of Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler.

Artwork Process

A shelter was constructed by using palm fronds and other leaves. I was able to lie down inside it. Two photographs were taken of me emerging from it.

About the Artist

  • Name: Paloma Jacobsen
  • School: St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School (Corinda)
  • Artwork: Shelter
  • Media: Digital photographs printed on lustre paper

I find inspiration from the natural world around me — the intrinsic beauty found in nature is a never-ending source to draw upon. It is always transforming depending on the season, the impact of the weather and the level of rainfall.