Poppie Thorpe

Isolated in Ambiguity

Artist Statement

Isolated in Ambiguity explores the dichotomy of feeling anxious in a space that traditionally provides serenity. The overwhelming and chaotic experience of anxiety is embodied in constant movement and sound, causing senses of disarray, sense of direction and a feeling of isolation- from one’s self and others. Through multiple senses (sight, sound and touch) audiences gain an understanding about the mental health challenges people face daily. The immersive AR experience creates an effective visualisation of the manifestations of anxiety while creating a sense of disconnection from reality.

Artwork Process

I photographed portraits using multiple exposures and then photoshopped these into one composition. The image was imported into Procreate app on the iPad where the digital drawing was completed using shape selections and colour fills. I illustrated various organs, chemical structures etc. to connect with the figures and background. The illustrations were then altered slightly in each frame using an animation sequence. I recorded audio related to my concept, imported audio files and animated GIF files into Premiere Pro to produce animation sequence. Animation and audio files were uploaded into the EyeJack Creator app. A QR code was then created to allow the audience to connect to the AR.

About the Artist

  • Name: Poppie Thorpe
  • School: St Andrew’s Anglican College (Peregian Springs)
  • Artwork: Isolated in Ambiguity
  • Media: Augmented reality and digital photograph printed on paper

As an artist, I am constantly inspired by ideas relating to mental health challenges and other social issues. I explore these concepts through a personal and contemporary context and focus on producing digital media artworks. I believe that audiences are able to empathise with my artwork and understand the feeling of mental health struggles through the immersive experience of augmented reality. Through research of psychology, I was able to gain knowledge on my own experiences and was then able to share this through my artwork.