Rubi Cheesman


Artist Statement

Distractions illustrates the situation we find ourselves in of endless diversions that we experience every day. The glitched self-portrait and red embroidery symbolises the external distractions and ever-present stimulation of fast pace contemporary life. The rocks below symbolise the heaviness of these thoughts but also a connection back to the natural environment. There is a need for balance that can be achieved by having more time away from social pressures and instead spending time in natural environments. We should consider our mental wellbeing, rather than allowing ourselves to be dragged along by society’s distractions and unrealistic expectations.

Artwork Process

The artwork was inspired by a school excursion to Cape Hillsborough National Park. However, it was not on the excursion that I was inspired; it was when I returned to the pressures and stress of school. From here, I decided to explore these emotions. I photographed different emotions shown on my face and then photoshopped the images together creating a distorted self-portrait. This image was then etched and printed. I embroidered red threads in the paper that extend off the piece. Some are attached to rocks that represent the intensity and heaviness of the pressures I felt returning to the school environment.

About the Artist

  • Name: Rubi Cheesman
  • School: Whitsunday Anglican School (Beaconsfield)
  • Artwork: Distractions
  • Media: Black ink etching on Fabriano Rosapino paper with red embroidery, rocks

Surrounded by forests, beaches, farmlands and the ocean, nature is literally on my doorstep. With lush green sugar cane fields weaving through the town, I find there is endless inspiration and countless aspects to influence my works.

As the artist and the audience, I learn so much from art. When I produce a piece, I have to explore and gain a deeper understanding of the topic, allowing for the piece to have complex layers and meaning. Similarly, the audience learns as much as the artist. Often when viewing an art piece, I become consumed with understanding and appreciating the work. Through art you can communicate emotions, ideas, beliefs, sexuality, dreams and fears. Art has no limit.