Seth Gerke


Artist Statement

Nature is the almighty. I cannot control its unpredictable power; I can only adapt to the control it has over me. Yet, our world tries to replicate and reshape this irreplaceable environment. My core focus is to explore my local landscapes as a means of communicating my passion and involvement in natural environments to my audience. My artwork documents these landscapes through exploiting my own time-lapse photography, film and sound compositions. All 120,000 photos capture the authority, aesthetic and immense scale of nature. I am able to capture and represent the almighty language of the environment that mankind cannot create.

Artwork Process

This work was made by collecting, editing, and composing 120,000 photos. Adobe Lightroom was utilised to sequence photos at approximately one millisecond each, in order to create a running time-lapse. The accompanying music was composed by myself to enrich the visuals and overall narrative of the subject matter.

About the Artist

  • Name: Seth Gerke
  • School: Chinchilla State High School
  • Artwork: Domination
  • Media: Single channel video, 16:9, 3:28 minutes, colour, sound

Seth Gerke documents and exploits landscapes through time-lapse photography. His relentless passion to capture evolving turbulent structures fuels Gerke’s respect for the domination of weather. This ignites his spiritual connection while recording the powerful, photogenic compositions, created by his almighty God. Gerke was inspired when narrowly outrunning the dangerous supercell that decimated his hometown. Since this life-changing event, Gerke enhanced his time-based media skills and founded his artistic website and Facebook page, Gerkies Storm Chasing. Gerke’s work continually reaches global audiences, purchased by media companies and embedded into severe weather news reports and nature documentaries.