Taylah Draper

Tour of a Tourist

Artist Statement

My work was inspired by Christian Thompson and the tourist culture of Magnetic Island. It relates to the inquiry question: ‘How do artists explore culture values in art?’ I created a series of lino prints that explored cultural values but also the objects of tourism combined with an appropriation of Thompson’s iconic ‘Australian Graffiti’ 2007 series. Tour of a Tourist represents how culture is significant and can also have a personal connection to the audience.

Artwork Process

The idea for the work stemmed from a trip to Magnetic Island and observing the objects that encapsulate tourism in our region. I photographed myself in beach attire with objects covering my identity. I used these images as a design for lino prints. After first reducing the designs and transferring them onto a lino plate, I then carved and printed them using the school’s printing press. Clean registration was the hardest element to achieve. Finally, I selected the best prints and editioned the series.

About the Artist

  • Name: Taylah Draper
  • School: St Margaret Mary’s College (Hyde Park)
  • Artwork: Tour of a Tourist
  • Media: Lino prints on paper

I am a Year 12 student at St Margaret Mary’s College. I enjoy creating artwork that represents culture and personal experiences. I find art to be relaxing and calming. Art is the way that I express my thoughts and emotions to others. My lino print series was a way to show culture to an audience that can connect to the meaning. I hope to continue creating artworks; however, there are other pathways I am interested in.