Yoona Choi

Eggs on Toast

Artist Statement

Eggs on Toast explores the inevitable nature of conformity and the unconscious influence it has on someone’s identity. I have specifically selected chickens as an underlying theme in this artwork to represent a society where people heavily rely on the approval of others; a world where individuality is missing. The chickens metaphorically express how people are self-domesticating to fit into the dominant culture. The irregularity of the texture and shape of the toast contrast the repetition of the chickens, emphasising the lack of self-expression in society today.

Artwork Process

My experience of visiting an aged care facility inspired me to investigate the concept of identity and compliance, interdependence and independence in society. I created three series of sixteen quick gestural paintings of chickens on toast. The toast was glazed and primed so it does not decay. My paintings of chickens were produced quickly so that they were gestural and expressive. The artwork uses multiples and attempts to use the larger amount of toast to help convey the message of compliance.

About the Artist

  • Name: Yoona Choi
  • School: King’s Christian College (Reedy Creek)
  • Artwork: Eggs on Toast
  • Media: Synthetic polymer paint on toast

I have had the opportunity to make travel a big part of my life. I have been fortunate enough to experience a range of different cultures and also witness the various social behaviours of countries around the world. It is these experiences that have inspired me to create art and seek creativity. My artworks often respond to concepts of identity and how powerful the influence of someone’s environment is on their identity.