Chiharu Up Late

6.00 6.15 6.30 6.45 7.00 7.15 7.30 7.45 8.00 8.15 8.30 8.45 9.00 9.15 9.30 9.45 10.00 10.15 10.30 MUSIC FRIDAY 26 AUGUST MAIWAR GREEN REDBELLY DJ CLOE TERARE 6.30–7.15PM REDBELLY DJ COLLAR 7.45–8.30PM REDBELLY DJ HARVEY SUTHERLAND 9.00–9.45PM REDBELLY DJ DOORS CLOSE 10.30PM SATURDAY 27 AUGUST SCALYMOTH DJ BECKAH AMANI 6.30–7.15PM SCALYMOTH DJ FLOWERKID 7.45–8.30PM SCALYMOTH DJ JEN CLOHER 9.00–9.45PM SCALYMOTH DJ WHAT’S ON FRIDAY 26 & SATURDAY 27 AUGUST RIVER ROOM DROP-IN: TEA FOR THE SOUL Share a tea with Dr Sarah Winter, take a moment for yourself or reflect with those around you. 6.00–9.00PM GALLERY 1.2 PIANO & STRINGS: FALLING LIKE TEARS 6.00–6.45PM PIANO & STRINGS: FALLING LIKE TEARS 7.15–8.00PM PIANO & STRINGS: FALLING LIKE TEARS 8.30–9.15PM LEVEL 1 CHIHARU SHIOTA: THE SOUL TREMBLES OPEN TILL 10.30PM BARS & MORE FRIDAY 26 & SATURDAY 27 AUGUST NEWSTEAD BREWING CO COASTAL BAR Drinks and delicious snacks GOMA BISTRO Grab and go food and drink BACCHUS WINE ROOM Enjoy drinks and culinary delights curated by GOMA chefs RIVER ROOM BAR Have a drink, admire the art of Chiharu Shiota GOMA STORE Treat yourself!