Conditions of Entry Protocols

Conditions of Entry Further Information | 24 JANUARY 2023 Page 3 For your safety, the safety of others and the safety of our artwork you must:  not touch, or in any other way, interfere with artworks. You are welcome to interact with artworks designated and labelled as interactive  not consume food or drinks (including water) in Gallery spaces, except in cafes and cinemas (excluding hot food)  deposit with Gallery cloakrooms, as soon as possible after entry, bags deemed to be large by the Gallery, umbrellas, or any other item, as directed by the Gallery  carry other bags under your arm, by your side or in front of your body rather than on your back Further information Cloaking bags/items Bags which exceed 40cm (L) x 15cm (W) x 35cm (H) and items noted under the definition are required to be checked into a Gallery cloakroom. A template outlining the above dimensions is available at each cloakroom. To ensure the safety of artworks on display, the Gallery asks that visitors carry bags under their arm, down by their side or in front of their body rather than on their backs. At their discretion, Gallery employees may request a visitor to cloak an item where it is felt the safety of other visitors and/or Works of Art may be compromised. The Gallery requires umbrellas to be left at a Gallery cloakroom for collection at the end of the visit. Exceptions will be made for visitors with bags containing care needs for themselves, or who are accompanying children or people with disabilities. This includes, but is not limited to: • bags containing items for a medical condition or first aid supplies. These should be carried by the visitor’s side • baby carriers being used to carry a child. The Gallery asks that these be cloaked when not in use • baby bags securely and unobtrusively attached to a pram or carried by the carer’s side. Additional exceptions may be made at the discretion of staff, and within reason. Any exempted items will be tagged to allow identification by other staff. Lost property All lost property handed in and/or found within the Gallery premises will be documented in the Lost and Found property register and safely stored in a secure location. When lost property is claimed, details of the claimant will be documented in the Lost and Found property register. Lost property will be held for a period of 4 months after which time the item/s will be disposed of, recycled, donated or given to charity. The Lost and Found property register will be updated to record the disposal of the property.  supervise any children under the age of 12 for whom you are responsible .